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When I contact South West uPVC, what happens?


We’ll take your name, address & contact number

Then we arrange a time when it’s convenient for you (and us) for our man to call round to see you

When we come to your home, we don’t stay long -

Only as long as you want us! We won’t sit you down and talk to you until bed-time!

We’ll walk round with you to see what you want done

We take sizes and find out what designs you would like

We can make most designs, but if we can’t we’ll explain why

When we leave, we’ll go back to the office and put the information into the computer to calculate the cost

We draw up your designs and send them together with a letter giving you the cost of the work - then we wait to hear from you.




Ok, I’m happy with the price, what happens now?


Just contact us and let us know

We’ll send you a contract by email or in the post with a stamped addressed envelope

This will show what we’ve agreed to make for you, so we’re all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’

Please check it, for example to see if the colour is right & the openings are opening the right way

Sometimes you’ll need to choose an obscure (or pattern) glass for a bathroom.

We will enclose a pattern brochure with the contract or there is a copy on our downloads page

Fill in the name of the glass pattern you require where it’s marked on the contract

When you’re happy, sign the contract. You keep the bottom copy, we have the top copy

If you need to send a deposit, put a cheque with the top copy and pop it in the stamped addressed envelope and into the post box.

When we receive it back, we will arrange with you to take accurate survey sizes

(unless we already have them)

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